Galactic War

About 5 years after humanity colonized Jupiter, we discovered what countless probes, unmanned missions and hundreds of years of research had missed: we are not alone in the universe.

The Nefarians

First contact was made July 4, 2050 A.D. with the race known as the Nefarians. Nefarians believe they are the divine rulers of the universe, and that all other species were created to serve them.

With humanity’s resources already severely depleted between the Resource Wars and The Gate Incident, we quickly lost most of our solar system. The wealthy retreated to Mars, and took most of the weapons with them.

Fortunately the Nefarians are not the only other race out there, and while most still view humanity as primitive, a resistance movement is slowly rising. For the time being, an uneasy peace exists in the ‘verse, like a powder keg ready to go off at any minute. The Earth still has enough orbital defenses to keep the Nefarians at bay, but barely, and raids are frequent; so watch yourself out there.

The Resistance

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The Resistance is lead by the Prime, originating from Draco Prime in the Draco Dwarf system. Because of the amount of dark matter in the system, travel there, or to other parts of the universe from there, is impossible for organic beings; so they can only dispatch androids, called Peacekeepers, controlled by their soldiers, which, like virtually everyone these days due to the Augment Chip, can appear as anyone or anything; if they’re using their powers however, the one thing they can’t hide, is their glowing eyes.

While there are multiple other races in the ‘verse, the Primes are rumored to be the first race to ever evolve…which they won’t confirm or deny. They simply say they “are ancient for a reason”. They are few in number, but immortal as far as anyone knows.

Rarely seen, Peacekeepers carry the latest in technology, armor & weaponry. Rumor has it they have the technology to alter reality itself, not sure if I believe that one or not but I know this much, if you see one, play nice, or head in the opposite direction…might consider leaving the planet for a bit. Prime are usually open to fair trades, and are friendly & helpful by nature, just don’t cross them.