Mainland Redesign Started

We’ve moved several regions around in on our Mainland, and you may notice some blank spots in the map or missing regions when flying around, that’s normal, for now. We are working on 5 new theme parks that will fill those voids! In order to insure they are designed correctly and everything looks it’s best […]

New Welcome Region

Our Welcome region has been redesigned from the ground up. It now includes the Real Estate Office to assist with land rentals, an avatar Freebie Shop and 2 new Venues, Club Lunasea and Fhloston Paradise Ultra Lounge!

New Website!

After 3 long years, our grid is finally ready to open to the public! As I write this, the finishing touches are being put into our custom User Control Panel and we are accepting New User Registrations! We offer cheap Regions for Sale, or even the ability to Start Your Own Grid!