It’s time for change….

That Place will no longer be selling regions & is instead transitioning back to being a private grid. We will still be open to Hypergrid users and are looking at options to provide Free Land using our games. We will post more about that soon. For the time being, the ability to purchase regions has been removed from the site. Those who were renting regions from us, have been converted to free regions; no rent will be charged from October 2019 forward. Big changes are coming, so stay tuned!

Website Upgrade

In our continued effort to provide you with the best service possible, we’ve moved the website to a new, faster server. The amount of time the website takes to load should be a great deal faster & much more responsive. Sometimes hiccups can occur when moving websites, if anyone notices any bugs or things not working as they should, please open a support ticket. Thanks!

Mainland Redesign Started

We’ve moved several regions around in on our Mainland, and you may notice some blank spots in the map or missing regions when flying around, that’s normal, for now. We are working on 5 new theme parks that will fill those voids!

In order to insure they are designed correctly and everything looks it’s best we’re going ahead and moving them into place now instead of building them out of sight as we normally would, so please excuse our dust. Things may be messy looking for a bit, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

New Welcome Region

Our Welcome region has been redesigned from the ground up. It now includes the Real Estate Office to assist with land rentals, an avatar Freebie Shop and 2 new Venues, Club Lunasea and Fhloston Paradise Ultra Lounge!

New Welcome Region
New Real Estate Office
Club Lunasea
Fhloston Paradise Ultra Lounge
Diva Plavalaguna
Avatar Freebie Shop