Are you selling rides?

We are currently not selling rides. However, we might sell them in the future. Please make sure to sign up on our website so you’ll get an email update if we do and don’t worry, we never spam or otherwise sell your information.

How do I get Playing Cards?

You can buy them, or earn them.

Buying Playing Cards

To buy them, you can either Top Up your wallet using Paypal, buy Playing Cards using Gloebits, or Buy Playing Cards using Linden Dollars. Click the links for instructions on how to use each payment method.

Earning FREE Playing Cards

You can earn FREE Playing Cards then Redeem them to rent stores, land, regions, or even your own grid!

Playing Cards & your That Place Wallet balance have no cash value and can not be cashed out or used on other grids.

How do I link my avatar to my website account?

You must link your Avatar to your That Place Website account in order to redeem Playing Cards. Playing Cards are stored even if the avatar is not linked to a website account, and should show on your balance once you link the avatar to the website.

Both local avatars and avatars from other grids can be linked to your website account. You can link multiple avatars to the same website account.

Follow the steps below to link your avatar:

  1. Copy your That Place ATM Key from the website.
  2. Find a That Place ATM.
  3. Click the ATM with the avatar you wish to link.
  4. Click Link Avatar.
  5. Paste your That Place ATM Key into the textbox & click OK.

Getting Started

To join our grid, complete the steps below:

Step 1:

Click Here to create an account on our grid.

Step 2:

Download and install an Opensim compatible viewer.
We recommend Firestorm, it’s free and Click Here to download.

  • Regardless of which viewer you choose, the setup should be more or less the same. Due to a recent change by the Firestorm developers, there is now a separate viewer for Opensim. If you are using the new Opensim specific Firestorm, the tabs may look a little different than pictured. If you need help, please Contact Us.

Step 3:

After you install Firestorm, go ahead and launch it. It should default to Second Life, you’ll need to add our grid to the viewer in order to login here.

1. Go to Viewer-> Preferences then Opensim.

2. Enter our Grid Login URL exactly as follows:

3. Click Apply the rest of the fields should fill themselves in.

4. Click OK to close preferences.

Step 4:

Once you’re back at the main login screen, input the Avatar Name and Password you created in Step 1 and click Login.