The Gate Incident

The Gate Incident
via the Venus Observatory Satellite System (V.O.S.S.)
May 10, 2130 A.D.

We achieved teleportation from one side of a planet to the other, or even teleporting up to an orbital habitat / space station, around 2050 A.D., so by then, teleporting everywhere was pretty much old hat. You could travel anywhere on the planet, or in immediate orbit of that planet, near-instantly.

Space travel, however, still took days, weeks, months or even years as the teleportation technology could not transmit through open space. And then they solved that, or so they thought.

The first test of the Transplanetary Relocation Orbital Network (T.R.O.N.) occurred attempting to transport a shipment of watermelon from Earth, to the then largest research institute in the universe, located on Venus, Orbital Prime.

But something went horribly wrong, the wormhole between the two planets was successfully established, but the systems on Earth overloaded, causing over half the planet to be destroyed in a massive vacuum. The Earth was there one second, the next, the Eastern Hemisphere was simply….gone.

As if the Earth had not already suffered enough through the Resource Wars, this one last hope for humanity seemed to be at an end. But humans are quite resourceful, and as some old guy from ancient times once said, necessity is the mother of invention.

Space travel is still possible at sublight speeds using personal or small cargo spacecraft, and the T.R.O.N. system was eventually perfected, but is now heavily regulated requiring a licensed facility to operate it.