#SLEXIT – A better option!

About Us

That Place started out as an amusement park on Second Life, and quickly gained fame as the most popular park on that grid for many years; it was even blogged by the Lindens at one point as a Top 10 Hot Spot. Stone Lunasea, the founder of That Place, has been an active Second Life resident and land baron for well over 10 years (Rezdate: 08/23/2007).

In 2016, That Place was attacked by griefers. This went on for months. One month I filed 57 Abuse Reports in a single month, and despite the fact that I owned over 50 regions & was spending over $25,000 USD per year on their game the Lindens did nothing about it.

I reached out to Dee Linden, the director of Land Operations, for help at that point as the griefers were constant and had figured out a way to get around banlines. Linden support admitted at that point that Abuse Reports are automatically deleted unless the region has been specifically flagged for abuse.

I threatened to file a class action lawsuit over this, as part of what we pay them so much money to do is police that grid and, as we all know, they do not do their jobs. Pricing had not changed since Second Life first launched, and compared to other similar games is absolutely outrageous. As any land owner that does rentals, or any one that sells anything on Second Life knows, the ONLY ones that make money on Second Life these days are the Lindens.

We found a better option

There’s an Open Source software called Open Simulator (Opensim) that allows virtually anyone to start their own grid. It is exactly like Second Life, but better. Unlike Second Life, where you’re stuck on their grid and can’t travel to any of the other 500+ grids, Opensim links the grids that allow it together into a Hypergrid allowing users to teleport from one grid to another forming a huge network of virtual worlds.

Opensim vs Second Life

Opensim uses the same viewers as Second Life. Whether you prefer Firestorm, Singularity, or another viewer, most are compatible with all Opensim grids.

Opensim allows you to take backups of your inventory and regions, making it easy to move from one grid to another if you decide you don’t like the grid you’ve decided to come home. There is currently no easy way to export your inventory or regions from Second Life, even if they are “full perm”.

Opensim offers you many options to host your regions with over 500 known worlds. A good place to find places to go is Opensimworld.com, HGTraveler.com, and the Opensim Virtual Group on MeWe.

– Second Life land is expensive at around $200/region, most Opensim grids offer regions for much less generally ranging from $3 – $20.

– Second Life charges you fees for everything you upload, from L$10 per image up to thousands of L$ for uploading mesh. Opensim Grids do not charge uploads fees for anything, ever. Build to your heart’s content, for free!

No more counting prims. Most Opensim grids offer very high if not unlimited prim limits. Build all you want, without having to worry about prim count or if something will fit.

– Opensim offers not just all of the features Second Life has, but many additional features such as the ability to create NPCs. No more having to run additional software or pay someone to host your bots, it’s all built in!

Most things in Opensim are 100% Free! You read that right, we are a community built around the share & share alike concept and you can find just about anything you could possibly want, for free, exploring the Hypergrid. There is also the Kitely Market which delivers to most hypergrid connected grids (not just Kitely) which offers a wide selection of paid items.

Join the #SLEXIT Revolution!

So what are you waiting for, whether you choose to sign up with us here at That Place, or go to another grid, Opensim Grids offer more features, for far less money than Second Life and everything you’d expect to find on Second Life is here. Nightclubs, Amusement Parks, residential homes, and much, much more!

Signup at That Place and get started, if you need any help we offer 100% free support via both Support Ticket and Telephone. You don’t need a “Premium Membership” to get help around here! If you prefer to chat with someone in-world, head over to our Welcome region and contact any member of our staff.