Your Own Grid

Looking to start a grid of your own, but don’t want to be bothered with the technical stuff? We’ve got you covered!

This is not a “Grid within a Grid” like others provide, your grid will be YOUR grid.

All package include:

– Fully managed server by professional staff.
– Your users, are your users all inventory, etc. is kept on a separate server from That Place.
– Your Branding your users will show up as [email protected] on the Hypergrid.
– Your Grid, Your Rules as long as they don’t violate That Place’s basic policies, you are free to run your grid as you see fit.
– 24/7 Support via Support Ticket.
– Full Estate rights on all regions.
– Diva Wifi Control Panel with Admin Access.
– Automated backups taken every 24 hours.
– NO Root / Admin access to the server itself.

NOTE: You must own a domain name in order to use this service, you can buy one from a registrar (We recommend Namecheap) or register a free domain at Freenom. Once your server is setup, we will provide you with the Server IP, you must setup the DNS settings yourself, which is fairly easy to do but we can walk you through the process if needed!