Website Upgrade

In our continued effort to provide you with the best service possible, we’ve moved the website to a new, faster server. The amount of time the website takes to load should be a great deal faster & much more responsive. Sometimes hiccups can occur when moving websites, if anyone notices any bugs or things not working as they should, please open a support ticket. Thanks!

[RESOLVED] Extended Maintenance

RESOLVED: 9/2/2019 @ 5:20AM SLT
The grid is back online and everything should be functional. Please report any bugs you may find! Everything looks good on our end & we are closing out this maintenance window at this time. Thank you for your patience!

GRID OFFLINE: 9/2/2019 @ 12:00AM SLT
We have taken the grid offline to prepare to move the main inventory servers. This will take some time to complete, we appreciate your patience while we strive to provide you with the best, fastest grid possible!

STARTED: 8/29/2019 @ 4:00PM SLT
In order to better serve our valued players & clients we are overhauling our network infrastructure. This may take some time to complete, and will result in the grid being taken offline for an extended period. This thread will be updated as we make progress.

Are you selling rides?

We are currently not selling rides. However, we might sell them in the future. Please make sure to sign up on our website so you’ll get an email update if we do and don’t worry, we never spam or otherwise sell your information.

Are the grids hypergrid enabled?

Yes. All regions on That Place are hypergrid enabled by default. If you rent a region or one of our dedicated servers to host a grid of your own, you can open a support ticket requesting hypergrid access to be turned off or otherwise restricted.