Traffic Generation Made Easy

After 9 years of running various traffic generators in our Sims on SecondLife, we decided to take a new approach to traffic generation on OpenSim - casino based games. 

Where traditional fishing and hunt games have been wildly successful in the past, they all have one fatal flaw - user interaction, or rather, lack thereof. These games allow people to easily drift into the background, watch TV, shift their focus away from your sim because it requires a simple, mindless, action to get paid. The end result is you get people, but no one's chatting or really even actually there. Our games are different, and are designed to keep the visitor engaged and most of all, having fun in your sim not getting paid to watch TV.

Our games are easy, familiar and completely legal relying on our internal token system for rewards that can not be cashed out for real cash but can be used to get free land & regions on various grids, and soon, free gift cards.

Our Games

Our games currently feature our own take on popular Casino games including Single-Player Bingo, Slot Machines and Scratcher Cards! 


Our classic bingo games include power ups and traps, to insure an engaging and fun gaming experience. We feature multiple themes, each with their own customized sounds & textures. Want something custom? We're all ears. 

Slot Machines

Slot Machines are probably the game that readily pops to most people's mind when you say the word "casino". Our classic slot machines are modeled after the traditional Vegas machines, featuring tiered payouts and jackpots.

Scratcher Cards

Our scratcher cards feature exciting sounds and effects, designed to simulate the real scratcher cards as closely as virtually possible. We currently have 2 varieties featuring "Match 2" or "Blackout" modes. 

Blank Scratcher
Used Scratcher