Grid Redesign

We’ve decided to shift our theme more towards a Space themed grid. Some of our amusement regions will be brought into the new world, some are being discontinued, and some will only be out on a seasonable basis. That Place’s parent company, Fedora Prime LLC, has always been a gaming firm & it is our desire to bring our grid more in-line with the rest of our various branches.

Why we are making this move…

We aim to be one of the greatest, most attractive and fun destinations on the Hypergrid. After months of research, looking at various ways of going about launching real-honest-to-God-games on Opensim, we’ve finally found a happy medium.

What’s changing?

  • The overall theme of That Place is being changed to space.
  • Direct Teleporting to regions has been disabled, you will need to fly to that “planet”‘s space station, land and use the teleporters to gain access.
  • Hypergrid access will remain open at this time (may change later, but we’re trying to avoid a walled garden).
  • An RPG hud system is being developed that does not require registration on the website.
  • Our in-house token system has been renamed from “Playing Cards” to “Credits”. Credits can be used to rent land, houses, buy weapons, ships, etc. The grid will continue to support Gloebit for Player-to-Player transactions.

The following regions are being discontinued:

  • Cute Park – This park is greatly outdated & has not matched the grid’s theme or quality for many years. We have decided it’s time to retire this park, but may bring it up for special occasions or even put it up for sale!
  • Vario Kart – A mini Vario Kart is included in the new Magicland, we may bring this region up for special occasions, events & contests.
  • Raceway – This region has been discontinued until further notice, we may incorporate it into one of the new planets.
  • Party – Our party region is being repurposed into a planet all it’s own, it will have a new name and it’s own space station.
  • Free Land Regions – Is being discontinued, but a version of it may be available in the new game.

The following regions are being retained:

  • Magicland – Will be open and act as the new landing point for HG Visitors.
  • Amusement Park – Will be renamed Wonderland and will remain online & hypergrid accessible.
  • Waterpark – One of our most popular regions, it will remain online and be moved next to the Java Sea.
  • Java Sea – Our 3 x 3 water sim will remain online & hypergrid accessible.

The following regions will be online for seasonal or special events only:

  • Dark Manor – Most likely to make an appearance near Halloween.
  • Mystic Manor – Equally will be brought online for Halloween.

New regions being brought online

NOTE: Not all features are functional yet, and plans may change as development continues.

Our new Space Role Playing Game will be open to the hypergrid & is under active development. Direct teleport to these regions is not possible, you must fly to the nearest space station and teleport down from there.

  • Space, Space, and more Space – 40 Regions of space to fly through, hunt monsters, mine for ore, and engage in space combat!
  • Gaia – Gaia will be a new planet being launched, focused on farming and providing the galaxy with much needed agriculture. Gaia will have its own space station and will only be accessible via spacecraft.
  • Vulcanis – A volcanic wasteland turned into a tropical paradise, Vulcanis will primarily be a mining planet responsible for the export of glass, gemstones and other rare materials needed to construct space craft & other technology.
  • Morpheus – An asteroid the size of the Earth’s moon has been colonized and primarily refines raw materials to be used for ship and other essential tech creation. If crafting is your thing, Morpheus is the place to be!
  • Space Bases – Several space bases are being launched that can be player owned. Designed to be your home in the stars, they make for a great base of operations whether you’re trading, pirating, smuggling or just hanging out with friends.

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