We are in no way affiliated or directly tied to any of the sites or grids listed here. This is simply a directory we maintain of known active OpenSim grids.
If you would like your grid added here, you are welcome to submit it for approval.
Grid submissions must meet the following requirements.
  • You DO NOT need to be the grid owner.
  • Must have a REAL Website, not just a control panel.
  • Must have existed a minimum of 1 year, verifiable via domain whois.
  • Grid must accept public user registration.
  • (Optional) Site should have proper metadata setup to minimize how much info our editors need to manually input.
  • Sites without accurate descriptions, names, etc. will be rejected. Sites not directly related to Opensim will be rejected. Repeated attempts to submit irrelevant sites will result in a ban.
Please allow at least 3 days for your site to be approved.
Latest Featured Site
osgrid.org — Run your own regions or use one of the many publicly available ones. Bring your dreams to life! Editors Note: OSGrid is the biggest & longest standing Public Grid out there. It is 100% free to use, and free to connect your own region to. We host several regions there and highly recommend it …
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Recently Added Public Sites
westworldgrid.com — We have made this grid for people who wish to connect to WestWorld Grid with their own regions. We are very new but have many years experience in running grids. The Navigation Menu on the side will guide you how to hook up to us.  Westworld Grid is hosted by TangleGrid and is open to public connect…
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zetaworlds.com — An opensimulator virtual world
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea
dynamicworldz.com — Dynamic Worldz is a 3D virtual world where you can be yourself. Buy and sell creations and be completely inventive. A Grid that offers some of the cheapest land (sims/regions) available. With a great presence. Live & play in Dynamic Worldz!
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3rdlifegrid.com — An opensimulator virtual world
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea
genesismetaverse.com — A 3D virtual world more than just another world, Genesis aims to be something diffrent, do all the things you can do in real life but in a virtual world
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