This unique spin on Disney's Haunted Mansion will scare your socks off!



* Full Sim Standalone ride


All our OARs include FREE Support and minor Updates for Life!


NOTE: To make sure you always receive the most up to date OAR, we will package it up within 2 business days after purchase and send you a secure link to download. The "instant download" on this listing is a text file with this same information.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on any of our OARs since you have the ability to demo them in-world prior to purchase & there is no way for us to retrieve the OAR after delivery. You will receive an exact copy of the demos loaded on our grid (unless otherwise noted in the listing). 

Copyright & License

Some of our OARs use content found throughout the Hypergrid, we make every effort to insure the items are free and clear of any existing copyright however due to the nature of the Hypergrid this is sometimes not possible. Therefore by purchasing you agree you are paying for the time and labor put into building the OAR and not the content itself. Our OARs may not be resold, given away, or transferred to anyone but the purchaser. You are being granted a license to run one (1) copy of the OAR on the grid of your choice. All scripts remain the property of Fedora Prime LLC DBA That Place Amusements. They may not be used to create new items or attractions in any form. 

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Dark Manor

Dark Manor

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