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This cute amusement park will add some zest to your grid!   Included Attractions: * 2 Large Roller Coasters* 1 Wild Rapid / Log Flume Ride * 2 Water Slides All our OARs include FREE Support and minor Updates for Life!     NOTE: To make sure you always receive the most up to date OAR, we will package it up within 2 business days after purchase and send you a secure link to download. The "instant download" on this listing is a text file with this same information. Refund Policy There are…
24.08.2018 From StoneLunasea
This Wonderland Themed Amusement Park is sure to delight and amaze your visitors!   Included Attractions: * 7 Roller Coasters * 2 Theme Rides       - Alice in Wonderland       - Pirates of the Caribbean  * 10 HD Video Attractions       - Escape from Gringotts (Harry Potter)       - Star Tours from Disneyland with 5 Exciting Destinations       - Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin       - Captain Eo starring Michael Jackson       - The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera       - Simpsons Adven…
24.08.2018 From StoneLunasea