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Editor's Note:

Kitely is the largest commercial grid, at the time of this writing it boasts over 60,000 users. This grid is probably as close to SecondLife as OpenSim gets. It has a marketplace that delivers to most major grids where you can buy and sell items for either "Kitely Credits" or Paypal cash. Kitely Credits, unlike Linden, can not be cashed out for real money however & can only be used on Kitely; there is also a 40 day hold on any incoming Paypal payments. Kitely is the only grid we're aware of that has proprietary (owned & exclusively used by them) software adding additional features to their installations of OpenSim; unfortunately, due to this architecture, it's made their policies regarding any kind of adjustments to the Opensim.ini extremely inflexible and rigid. Staff came off as arrogant to the point of telling us we were "shooting ourselves in the face" with the timer mod we wanted to run, despite the fact that we and others had run it on other grids without any issues whatsoever. After several months it is our impression Kitely wants to be Linden's little brother, if you're a fan of rigid corporate policy, extreme content controls (exporting needs specific permissions, which vary depending on where you're trying to export & in the end proved to be little more than a major migraine having to manually adjust & test thousands of items in our freebie mall) and a very poor understanding (yet strict enforcement of their version) of U.S. Copyright law, this is the place for you. Otherwise, in our opinion, it's best avoided. Kitely is the biggest, but by far not the best grid out there. Great hardware, great performance, rigid policies and EXTREMELY rude staff. Our exported OARs were also missing items that we had built in-world and thus had full perms on by default, yet they swore the only way that'd happen is if we didn't have the correct "export permissions". Our experience jumping from SL to Kitely was on par with jumping from the fire back into the frying pan. On a side note, if you decide to try them & then end up canceling your region, be sure you delete it all the way. We thought canceling the mandatory automatic Paypal subscription payment and talking to the owner would be enough, instead they drained our KC balance for "storage", sent several whining emails demanding further payment and then eventually, months later, deleted the region. If their goal truly is to be Linden's little brother, they are well & truly on their way - it was every bit the nightmare owning land on SL is.

06.01.2017 (706 days ago)