How to pay with L$

We accept Linden Dollars (L$) as payments for all services on our site, but they need to be deposited into your That Place Wallet in order to be used. All deposits are final and non-refundable. Due to Linden’s Terms of Service we are unable to convert That Place Wallet Credit or Playing Cards into Linden Dollars.

Step 1

Create a Website Account if you haven’t already, then visit our ATM in Second Life.

Click Here to visit our land in Lunalis

Step 2

Link your Second Life avatar to your website account.

  • Get your current ATM Key from the website (on the right).
  • Click the ATM and select Link Avatar.
  • Enter your That Place ATM key into the blue box & click submit.
  • Success! Your avatar is now linked to your website account & ready to receive deposits!

Step 3

Deposit Linden into the That Place ATM.

  • Click the ATM and click Deposit
  • Pay the ATM
  • Success! Your Lindens have been converted to Playing Cards!

Step 4

Redeem your playing cards for That Place Wallet credit, it can then be used to checkout and pay for any services offered on store!