How to pay with Gloebits

We accept Gloebits (G$) as payments for all services on our site, but they need to be deposited into your That Place Wallet in order to be used. All deposits are final and non-refundable.

Step 1

Create a Website Account if you haven’t already, then visit any That Place ATM, you can find one in our Welcome Region or on any region where our games are located.

Step 2

Link your Avatar to your website account.
Local Avatars or Hypergrid Avatars can be linked, there is no limit to the number of avatars you can link to your website account.

  • Get your current ATM Key from the website (on the right).
  • Click the ATM and select Link Avatar.
  • Enter your That Place ATM key into the blue box & click submit.
  • Success! Your avatar is now linked to your website account & ready to receive deposits!

Step 3

Buy Playing Cards using Gloebits

  • Click the ATM and click Buy
  • Pay the ATM
  • Success! Your Gloebits have been converted to Playing Cards!

Step 4

Redeem your playing cards for That Place Wallet credit, it can then be used to checkout and pay for any services offered on store!