Free Land Games FAQ

We understand that not everyone has the means to pay for land but as they say, time is money, so that’s every bit as good to us! We offer several options to earn totally free land in exchange for some of your time playing games located in our most popular regions. This helps us keep our avatar count up, which helps us be seen on sites like so it’s a win/win. You get free land, we get free advertising!

Playing Cards

Playing Cards are tokens that can be converted into store credit by transferring them into your That Place Wallet. We offer parcels, full regions, or even your very own grid.

Running low on cards?

No problem, you can either Top Up your wallet using Paypal or buy Playing Cards using Gloebits from any That Place ATM in-world.

Playing Cards & your That Place Wallet balance have no cash value and can not be cashed out or used on other grids.

Our Games


Hypergrid Fishing is available in the regions listed below. The idea is simple, you play a virtual fishing game and we’ll give you Playing Cards in exchange for the fish you catch. Hypergrid Fishing can be played by local avatars or hypergrid avatars.

Fishing Locations

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be used once per day for free, and only by local avatars. You are guaranteed to win a minimum amount of Playing Cards, if you hit the jackpot then you get the Playing Card Jackpot balance displayed above the playing card. If you wish to play more than once per day, you can purchase additional plays using Gloebits.

Scratch Card Locations

More games are coming soon, so keep an eye on this page and the grid news section for announcements!

Redeeming Playing Cards

Visit a Free Land ATM to link your avatar with your website account. Your total Playing Card balance amongst all your linked avatars will then be displayed on the website. You must have a local grid account to own land, but you can use avatars from other grids to play most of our games, the Playing Cards on all your linked avatars are automatically combined & can be cashed out to your That Place Wallet.

ATM Locations

Free Land ATMs can be found in any region where one or more of our games are active. Simply click the ATM, then click Link Avatar to add it to your website account. You will need your That Place ATM Key displayed on the website, which changes every 24 hours to insure your account stays secure.