Station Gaia

Una Salus Victus. It’s old earth, means the one last hope of the doomed.

Somewhere in the known ‘verse, it’s rumored there’s a space station called Gaia. Gaia is the most advanced station ever built, and contains everything humanity would need to beat off the Nefarians once and for all, and restart civilization.

But so far, no one has been able to find it…and even if they did, it’s said you need a passcode to decrypt the data it’s systems hold. That passcode, is the Encrypted Name of the station’s creators and was entrusted only to 3 people: Dr. Elmira Mikovite, the creator of the storage system that contains the data, Dr. Marcus Everbrite, the creator of the encryption technology used to store the data and the station’s owner, then C.E.O. of Orbital Enterprises, Chris Turner, all of which died the day humanity met the Nefarians..

No one knows which of the station’s creator’s names was used to make the passcode, or what encryption method was employed; so even if Station Gaia was found, it may be of little use to humanity.