Grid Redesign

We’ve decided to shift our theme more towards a Space themed grid. Some of our amusement regions will be brought into the new world, some are being discontinued, and some will only be out on a seasonable basis. That Place’s parent company, Fedora Prime LLC, has always been a gaming firm & it is our […]

[RESOLVED] Extended Maintenance

March 1, 2020 12AM SLT: The grid is back online for now, it’s future remains uncertain but we brought it back online for people to enjoy the rides & attractions! Jan. 4, 2020 1AM SLT: We’re moving to a new, more powerful server. It’ll take some time to migrate, so for the time being the […]

It’s time for change….

That Place will no longer be selling regions & is instead transitioning back to being a private grid. We will still be open to Hypergrid users and are looking at options to provide Free Land using our games. We will post more about that soon. For the time being, the ability to purchase regions has […]

Website Upgrade

In our continued effort to provide you with the best service possible, we’ve moved the website to a new, faster server. The amount of time the website takes to load should be a great deal faster & much more responsive. Sometimes hiccups can occur when moving websites, if anyone notices any bugs or things not […]

[RESOLVED] Extended Maintenance

RESOLVED: 9/2/2019 @ 5:20AM SLT The grid is back online and everything should be functional. Please report any bugs you may find! Everything looks good on our end & we are closing out this maintenance window at this time. Thank you for your patience! GRID OFFLINE: 9/2/2019 @ 12:00AM SLT We have taken the grid […]

Are you selling rides?

We are currently not selling rides. However, we might sell them in the future. Please make sure to sign up on our website so you’ll get an email update if we do and don’t worry, we never spam or otherwise sell your information.

Video rides aren’t working.

For video rides to work, you’ll need to configure your Media to autoplay. To do so, go to Preferences (Ctrl + P), then click the Sound & Media tab. Under Media, make sure that “Allow media to auto-play” is checked.

Can I run around nude?

We prefer you to be clothed in our public regions. However, if you buy your own region(s), you can do whatever you want there, as long as it’s legal.

[RESOLVED] Grid Maintenance

COMPLETE 8/10/2019 @ 10:30PM SLT Grid maintenance is complete & the grid should be functioning normally. Please report any errors or bugs to grid admins. Thank you! STARTED 8/10/2019 @ 9:00PM SLT We’re doing the monthly maintenance and security updates to our servers. We will be back up as soon as possible! Thank you for […]