About Encrypted Name

Formerly That Place Amusements.

For over 13 years That Place has provided some of the best attractions, rides and amusements on Second Life as well as the Opensim Hypergrid. Recently, we changed direction a bit to shift our focus on building a new hypergrid compatible Space CRPG!

A New Beginning

The year is 2255 A.D. or 105 Space Era (S.E.), that is, 105 years since the Nefarians attacked and mankind made first contact with an alien species. Mankind had long ago reached the stars. Through the trials of the 21st century their tentative exploration of space had slowly but surely turned to colonization.

Within 10 years, research bases and outposts grew into full-fledged cities, and their reliance on mother Earth lessened. By the end of this golden age, humanity had claimed the Moon, Mars, Titan, Jupiter and Venus as their own….or so they thought. Countless probes had missed what the first explorers found so easily: Intelligent life.

The move to extraterrestrial colonization was a thing of necessity; the Earth simply ran out of room, and it was nearly too late. While the colonies overhead watched, the remaining nations of Earth’s disputes over the planet’s dwindling resources reached a tipping point.

The Resource Wars were terrible and more destructive than anything humanity had seen before. They by themselves were enough to burn the blue green jewel of the solar system to cinders. Then The Gate Incident finished the job. The Earth as you know it is no more.

Earth is now a barren husk covered in toxic saltwater. Entire continents are reduced to lifeless deserts and ash wastelands. The planet is mostly ocean, irradiated from the wars. But life persists.

While the rich flee to humanity’s new home on Mars, millions still survive in scattered settlements across the desolation, taking shelter in improvised settlements and the ruined former cities that litter what’s left of the surface.

The word of law for these survivors comes from the opportunistic mouths of pirates, corporations, and crime syndicates all, as they flock to fill the power vacuum left by the ravaged former homeworld of the human race.

Humanity’s colonies are now hinting at the prosperity that Earth once enjoyed, with trade and economy flourishing between them. But you are not surrounded by the green grass and blue skies of Mars or her fellows. You are surrounded by only the murderous sun and the dry dust of the wastes, and endless, toxic, salt water. You are on Earth, or what remains of it. The forgotten pit of the solar system.

You find yourself in what remains of the city of Utopia, now that’s a joke. Bustling with the remnants of the dregs of humanity, alien outlaws, opportunistic corporate drones, and more. Welcome to Earth.