All Sites — We are an Opensim based virtual world that is hypergrid accessible.  Our HG address is  We would love to meet you, so visit the website and create an account. 
11.01.2017 2 comments From MicahLunasea — This is the home region of the OpenSim Foreign Office and the SLexit movement, which work hand in hand with the Opensim Embassy in Second Life, to promote, educate, and assist those seeking to emigrate out of the iron curtain world of Second Life into the free worlds of OpenSim.
11.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — On 12-18-2014, coyled declared the SRAS system abandonware. Recently as of Ruby 2.0 people have had issues installing, as several dependencies require Ruby 2.0 or greater but some of the commands used had been depreciated as of 2.0 (it's noted that File.exists was depreciated at 2.1 but we get the e…
08.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — Popular VR blog, updated regularly. 
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — We have made this grid for people who wish to connect to WestWorld Grid with their own regions. We are very new but have many years experience in running grids. The Navigation Menu on the side will guide you how to hook up to us.  Westworld Grid is hosted by TangleGrid and is open to public connect…
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — Outworldz has a grid but is also an excellent resource for free OpenSim compatible content. Editors Note: This is by far one of my favorite resources for OpenSim. There is a ton of content, scripting tutorials and basically everything you need to get started building your own world.
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — An opensimulator virtual world
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — Dynamic Worldz is a 3D virtual world where you can be yourself. Buy and sell creations and be completely inventive. A Grid that offers some of the cheapest land (sims/regions) available. With a great presence. Live & play in Dynamic Worldz!
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — An opensimulator virtual world
06.01.2017 0 comments From MicahLunasea — A 3D virtual world more than just another world, Genesis aims to be something diffrent, do all the things you can do in real life but in a virtual world
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